Ingrown Toenails

We love ingrown toenails! You may not, but we do. The biggest reason is you can often get such quick resolution and satisfaction. You can walk out after the first visit feeling much improved.

In fact, we love ingrown toenails so much we have established dedicated resources to managing them. Making painful toes better is a dedicated topic of interest for the clinic.

Ingrown toenails are often chronic and difficult to manage. People are often afraid of getting them treated, or just hack away at home needlessly over and over again. Fear often exists because people think that treating it is more painful than ‘putting up with it’. It doesn’t have to be.

At Mulgrave Podiatry, we go through all the available ways of managing your painful toe and discuss your options first. And, not all of it involves surgery.

What if it is really bad?!

That is ok. If nail surgery is required then we can walk you through that process too.

We have a dedicated theatre, nursing staff and general practitioners available to cover every potential scenario.

Do I need antibiotics?

Fortunately, if you do need antibiotics then we can organise a script for you at your appointment and those details can be discussed at length with you on the day.

Get your toenail looked at!

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