About Us

Providing care for your feet and legs

Our podiatrists can provide advice and assistance for a range of problems and treatments including:

Plantar Heel Pain

Shin Splints

Osteoarthritis in the foot/toes

Neuroma’s and forefoot pain

Orthotic therapy

Diabetes and foot complications

Ingrown toenails

and General Podiatry

All of our podiatrists are involved in research as well as its practical application in clinic. Currently our podiatrists are consultants to a number of elite level sporting clubs in Melbourne including; Dandenong Stingrays and Eastern Ranges TAC Cup male and female teams, South Melbourne and Nunawading City Football Clubs, Dandenong Ranges Basketball and Victorian Gymnastics.

We pride ourselves on being able to treat all individuals from the elderly to amateur and elite athletes to teenagers and children.

We are located 25mins from the city in the south eastern suburb of Mulgrave. You can contact the clinic on 9795 4011.